This is a note of thanks to you for helping my son Dheeraj Soundarajan, develop cursive handwriting skills. Before attending your classes Dheeraj was not writing in cursive handwriting. Now after attending your classes he is able to fluently write using cursive handwriting. He is able to write faster, neater and in a more legible way. I believe it is an important aspect of my sons learning methods, as it lays foundation of better writing. This will help him a lot in his educational and professional aspirations.


Ajay Krishna aged 8 years has finished a course at Handwriting Skills under Mrs Priti. At the start of the course he was writing shabbily and was unable to write fast to complete his work in time. After this course, Ajay has started to write neatly when he writes slowly. Though he still needs to practice writing fast and maintain his handwriting while doing so. I thank Mrs Priti for the effort that she is putting with Ajay.


Here are a few tips I have learned during my handwriting classes.
        1 . Slow and proper formation of alphabet results in good handwriting.
        2 . Good handwriting speaks of the neatness of a person.
I have improved handwriting by over 50% as a result of the handwriting classes that I have attended. Hence I wish to join the second seminar of handwriting classes to improve further.

S. VIGNESH ( student of std 5)

My son Akshay had horrible almost illegible handwriting. He himself was not able to read after writing. After attending Handwriting Skills I can see remarkable improvement in it. It is neat, clean, beautiful and legible.

Dr. Sonali Raman

Cursive writing style is smoother, faster and requires fewer hand movements to write. So I found it essential to engrain such handwriting skill in my daughter. After her course Handwriting Skills her handwriting fluency, speed and legibility of writing has increased tremendously.



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