The programme at Handwriting skills has been designed meticulously keeping in mind the progress of a child's writing skills like formation of alphabets,joining of alphabets to form words,spacing between words and sentences and developing speed in writing.
Our Certified teachers make sure that every child os introduced to every single aspect of the programme and is made familiar with all the aspects during the programme.
Every child is treated as an individual and taught the art of writing at their own pace.
Children at Handwriting skills are sure to make strides on enrolling with us.


You can choose from two different programmes that we offer
     Cursive writing.
     Joint Print Writing.


      Anyone above 5 years of age may enrol with us.
      It is always better to wait for the child to be introduced to the concept of writing at school before
         enrolling with Handwriting skills.
      The duration of the programme is 24 hours and will be equally divided over a period of a 3


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