-The Art of Beautiful Writing-
Scripting an individual’s thoughts on to paper by one self is called Handwriting.
It involves:
     Co-ordination necessary to form letters.

The ability to visualize the letter and therefore plan what movement to make to form the letter.


Ability to put all of this together to write something down on paper first, letters then words then paragraphs.


In order to put thoughts down on paper one needs to use a writing instrument (pen/pencil) using the three writing fingers (thumb, fore finger and middle finger.

I feel there is no correct style of writing. Parents are aware of the importance of talking, reading to the children to facilitate language development. These are the same first steps necessary to facilitate writing development. It is important to provide writing material to the child such as crayon, paper from an early age. A child learns to write the way he/she is taught to write in his/her early schooling. From there the child develops his /her own style of writing. That is why every individual’s style of writing is different.

Many factors are responsible for the deterioration of people’s style of writing over the years. They are
     Dominance of computers.
     Vast portions to be covered so practice writing in classroom takes a backseat.
     Projects and charts used to be hand written. Now many a times it is a print out.

Factors one must remember while writing

     Correct way of holding the writing instrument using the three writing fingers.
     Right pressure on the paper.
     Posture of the other hand.
     Distance between the book and the head .
     Good lighting.
     Encouragement from people associated to the child.

Practice. Good handwriting can be developed only with practice. For some people it happens soon for some it takes time.

     Choice of good notebook with good paper.
     Choice of good pen (gel or ink pen, no ball pen).

Advantages of good handwriting

     Good presentation.
     Score well.
     Self esteem goes up.
     Reflects an individual’s personality

Helps reading, spelling and because writing is made easy, accurate and aesthetically pleasant it helps thinking.

     Emotes a lot of warmth.

Disadvantages of bad handwriting

     Loose marks during examinations due to writing not being legible.
     Bad presentation puts off the examiner.
     Pulls down self esteem.

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