Frequently asked questions

1) What is Handwriting skills?

Priti Govindaraj in the year 2003 hit upon a well disposed concept- Handwriting skills.
The whole idea is about improving an individual’s writing fashion, taking them a step ahead, facilitating them to improve their presentation abilities at places of study and work.

2) What is the vision at Handwriting skills?

The vision at Handwriting skills is to teach as many students the Art of beautiful handwriting.

3) What is the difference between the programme at Handwriting skills and other handwriting programmes?

At Handwriting skills however old a child may be, we still start from the basics. We strengthen their basic concept of alphabet formation, teach them to join letters to write words, spacing in sentence and ultimately develop their speed in writing. The workbook used in the programme is handwritten. So it is very achievable for the child. The programme at Handwriting skills has been systematically formulated. By being so you can see a significant progress at the end of the programme.

4) How can Handwriting skills help in improving the Childs handwriting?

The programme at Handwriting skills has been designed meticulously keeping in mind the progress of the Childs writing skills like formation of alphabets, joining of alphabets to form words, spacing between words and sentences and developing speed in writing. Our certified teachers make sure that every child is introduced to all aspects of the programme. Every child is treated as an individual and taught the art of writing at their own pace.

5) How will the child benefit at the end of the programme?

The child will benefit in his academics by improving Handwriting skills, work presentation and developing speed in his writing. The child will benefit socially by being more confident of his work.

6) In what way is the programme going to help the child in his academics?

Every child wants to present his work neatly. Teachers get pleased with neat presentation. Good presentation will help the child score better grades, enhance his ability to comprehend his handwriting and communicate properly and also make him more confident. The programme will help him develop speed in writing

7) What material do you use at Handwriting skills?

The child will be working on one work book and one note book similar to what he uses in his school class room.

8) Why do you use a work book and a note book?

The child is provided a workbook depending on the class he is in and a note book depending on the type of notebook used in the school classroom. The child first learns to write in the work book and then is gradually weaned out of the work book and ultimately uses only the note book. Thus teaching him to apply all that he has learnt and making him independent.

9) Why should a child learn handwriting in today’s age of computers?

Any work done in school or sent as homework has to be handwritten. Computers can be used for projects not for day to day use of a student. Having a good handwriting and presenting it neatly plays a vital role in a student’s life. So learning handwriting is essential.

10) What are the courses offered at Handwriting skills?

There are two courses offered at Handwriting skills,
a) Cursive.
b) Joint print writing.

11) What is the course duration?

It is 24 hour programme.

12) What should a child carry from home when he enrolls for the programme?

Only a pen or a pencil. Books will be provided for by the centre.

13) Are the teachers conducting the programmme trained?

Yes, the teachers go through a rigorous training programme to help them teach and deal with any correction required during the student training programme.

14) What is the support provided to the child enrolling at Handwriting skills?

When a child enrolls for the programme it becomes our responsibility to improve his handwriting from where it is at the moment. The faculty is well trained to address any correction required during the course of the programme.

15) A child from which class is eligible for the programme?

A child from class 1 to class 12 is eligible to join for the programme.

16) How do I choose the programme at Handwriting skills?

The idea at Handwriting skills is to help the child write well and fast in his classroom. Choose the style that the child is using in his school class.

17) Can the child learn both the programs at Handwriting skills?

No. It is not advisable to choose both the programs, the reason being that it will lead to confusion in the child’s mind and will not help the child in any way.

18) What happens if the child does not progress at the end of 24 hours?

Every child who enrolls at Handwriting skills will improve. We guarantee that. But how much he improves depends totally upon how bad his handwriting was before he enrolled for the programme, how focused he was during the programme and how much his writing needed to be improved. At the end of the programme the teacher in charge will guide you if she feels the child needs more help. If necessary you can enroll for another round of 24 hours.

19) How long will the improvement last after completing the programme?

For some children one programme is sufficient but for some they need to come in for a refresher course once more after a few months.

20) How can I help the child excel in the programme?

By ensuring that the child does his homework with the same diligence he does his class work, by encouraging him to write similarly in his school class work, by being positive towards his progress.

21) Is it calligraphy?

No. This is improving a child’s existing style of writing.

22) Can a child use a leadpencil, ball pen for the programme? If no, Why?

Pencil has a better grip while writing than a leadpencil. Ball pens move faster than your thoughts so penpencil and ball pen should not be encouraged.

23) The child writes with his left hand. What should I do?

Let him write with his left hand. Do not try to change his hand usage to his right hand.

24) The child makes spelling errors, grammatical errors, gets confused between b, d, g, p. Can you help?

We do not work specifically on grammatical and spelling errors. Our main focus is to develop the child’s handwriting. Confusion between letters will be addressed during the programme.

25) Will you be working on numbers?

Yes, we will be working on numbers.

26) What is the benefit of learning cursive over Print or vice versa?

Both programmes have equal advantages. You must choose a programme which the child uses in his school classroom.

27) Can the child apply the handwriting methodology in Tamil and Hindi?

Yes, by doing the programme he will be improving his Handwriting skills so it will have a positive impact on handwriting in other languages also.

28) At the end of the programme will you guide parents of how to help the child maintain the handwriting he has learnt?

At the end of the programme the teacher will have and idea of the areas the child makes mistakes, how the child can improve his speed from then onwards. You can collect tips from the teacher in charge and work on those tips from home.

29) How long should a child practice after the completion of the programme?

Handwriting is a continuous process; hence it is advisable that the child practices handwriting on a daily basis.

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