- Priti Govindaraj

  The programme workbook is handwritten by Priti Govindaraj.
  Children can use the learning in his/her classroom.
  Children,Doctors,College students have benfitted from this programme.
  Certified teachers.
  Researched and structured programme developed by Priti Govindaraj.
   who has been teaching children handwriting since june 2003.
  Adults can also use the learning in their day to day work
  This programme has benefited many children from overseas.

Good Handwriting builds the following in the child:
  Teaches children to have organized approach
  Children with good handwriting feel more confident of their work.
  Good handwriting will assist the child in securing better grades.
  Enhances the childs ability to comprehend his/her handwriting and
   communicate properly.
  Develop speed in writing.
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